Boarding Information

Deluca's is a great place for your canine in the country!

Our kennel is unique because we are located in a beautiful country setting where the dogs can run around on grass and walk by beautiful trees and flowers. With our 10 acres of land divided into multiple play yards ranging from extra large to small, we are able to accommodate any type of dog and provide them with a fun and exciting experience! 

Our days start at 8 am where all the pups are let out into individual runs in our courtyard where they can stretch their legs, go potty and get ready for their fun day to begin! 

Each kennel is deep cleaned every morning and afternoon and they are given fresh water and bowls twice a day. 

Once their rooms are clean and they have eaten their breakfast, the real fun starts! The majority of the day is spent going on mile long walks and playing in our spacious yards with their friends or by themselves. We also take time to spend some nice one on one time with our guests who need a little more attention during their TLC. All of these activities can be requested when your pup checks in! 

After all the activities are completed we give them time to rest and then feed them lunch and once again clean their kennels!

When they are all tired out from their day of playing and enjoying their vacation they have a few hours to rest until we come back at 9 pm and let them out once again before bedtime and give them some good night treats! They are monitored by cameras 24/7 and an alarm system over night. 

We will also take as many pictures of your furry friends as we can during their stay and post them on our Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat which can be accessed using the links at the bottom of this page. If you would like extra pictures or prefer one social media platform over another just let us know when you check your pet in and we'll do our best to accommodate you! :) 

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