boarding requirements



Here at Deluca's our first priority is the safety of our furry visitors! Because of this we have strict vaccination policies   that we require all of our customers to follow. In order to board these are the vaccinations we require your pet be up to    date on:

For Dogs:

Bordetella (if expired for more than 2 weeks must be done 2 weeks prior to boarding)

Distemper (DHPP)


For Cats:



Feline Leukemia (if indoor/outdoor or outdoor cat)

If you have any question about vaccinations we would be more than happy to answer them for you! Give us  a call at 724-941-DOGS (3647) and we will help you out. 

We also require your dog be spayed or neutered if they are a female older than 6 months or a male older than a year!

*We must receive your shot records before we can start planning anything, they can either be faxed or emailed from your or your vet. Our fax number is 724-941-9595. Once we receive these we can start planning your stay!*

Temperament Test Day

We know that staying at a kennel can be stressful for your pup so we try to make it as easy as possible. We require each new dog to come in for what we call a temperament test, basically a daycare day! They can come between 9-11 in the morning and be picked up from 3-5 in the evening. During their day they will get two activities and lots of love, along with lunch if they want! By doing this day we are able to get a feel for how they are in a kennel setting, see what activities they will do best with during their stay, make sure they are comfortable with us. Another big plus of this process is that your pet will get used to our kennel for a short stay and since you pick them up at the end of the day, they won't be as nervous when you go away for a longer time period!

Your pet will "pass" their temperament test if they have no people aggression, use the restroom regularly, seem to get comfortable, will go in and out of a kennel, lets us place a leash around their neck, and does not bark excessively. 

*This is the normal cost of a daycare day, $20. We also require a $50 deposit to book your first stay, this will go towards your trip cost*

Dog Aggressive Dogs

We do take dog aggressive dogs so no worries if your pup doesn't get along with others we will be more than happy to give them some one on one time! Just let us know when you drop them off and we'll make sure they don't play with any other dogs. 

If you aren't sure whether or not your dog will get along with others, don't worry! We test each dog extensively before placing them with other dogs by examining their reactions to other dogs through a fence, on a leash and under close supervision when off leash. Our play groups never exceed a 5 dogs to 1 worker ratio!


We are more than happy to provide your pets with any oral or topical medications they need! We have been trained in how to give pets medications and we have cheese blocks to assist us but feel free to bring pill pockets or any incentives you know will work for your pet. Each time we are required to administer a medication there will be a fee of $1.50. If there are any questions or special needs your pet would require please let us know!

*We are not trained to do any injections such as insulin shots.*